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2018 - 2019

"WIR" is an open question of what  "being alone as a human in this world means".

"Pfeil studies people – alone – in the public space, as solitary human beings. What does ‘alone’ mean? Is it a feeling? An emotion? How does somebody look when feeling alone? Pfeil captures the moment of letting go: unaware of the environment, unaware of being alone." – the Dutch National Portrait Gallery


The work is a series of 96 portraits taken over the course of one year in six different European countries (Germany, France, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Spain & Belgium). 

"WIR" exists in two versions, as a hung grid of 96 photographs

44 x 62 cm inkjet prints on Innova smooth cotton high white 215 gsm

and as a book with an edition of 30

24 x 32 cm double inkjet prints on Munken polar rough 120 gsm

Maxi Pfeil WIR statement concept writing