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„hypnopompic“ is a video installation, arising from the combination of two states of consciousness. 


By recording my dreams via audio and a written diary, I was able to reconstruct a flow of moving imagery and sounds, which I had experienced while not being in control. (In a way, this is what hypnopompic means, „the state of consciousness leading out

of sleep“.)


These visions are then being displayed onto figures, made during an awake state. When I experience an overload of input within one day, my visual imagination is blocked. Then, all I can see are black and white, fast moving, three dimensional shapes. Trying to hold onto them and to freeze them, I caught myself creating sketches without thinking about it. Which later lead to these sculptures.


Both of these elements occur from phases of uncontrolled consciousness. In this installation the viewer is enabled to experience both of these states simultaneously. The subconscious one, asleep and the world of wakefulness. Only due to awareness while creating, were these unconscious experiences of time able to co-exist in reality.


© Maxi Pfeil 2021

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