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Maxi Pfeil is a German artist currently living and working in Berlin. In June 2019 he successfully graduated the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, with a Bachelor of the Arts in Photography. In his work, Maxi is interested in social tension, the struggle of every day life and the relations between us humans. Where do our emotions lay and how can we hold on to them? 


Photography has always fascinated Pfeil for it’s aspects of time and reality. The medium enables him to capture and revisit life, within the increasingly fast pace of our modern society. To him beauty does not lay within the aesthetics of the photograph, but in the fragility of a moment and it’s (short) duration.


Using traditional, photographic techniques Pfeil raises questions towards our current western civilization, that only the viewer can answer individually and for himself. By creating a gate between the past and the present, he tries to draw a more complete picture of what it means to be human right now.

upcoming Art Spring open ateliers
by Art Spring Berlin & Milchhof e.V. 
ECC Weißensee, Berlin
May & June 2024

Art Spring open ateliers
by Art Spring Berlin & Milchhof e.V. 
ECC Weißensee, Berlin
03. & 04.06.2023

Zone Magazine
online release

group show "Candela"
Art Spring Berlin & Milchhof e.V.
Schwedter Straße 232, Berlin
27.01. - 13.02.2022

Art Spring open ateliers
Art Spring Berlin & Milchhof e.V.
ECC Weißensee, Berlin
05. & 06.06.2021

single show "Szenarien"
curated by Javier K. Gastelum
zweizweizwei, Stuttgart
28.03. - 25.04.2021 

open studio "untitled"
private opening & invitation
Neumagener Straße 25, Berlin
02. - 10.10.2020

New Photo Talent 2020
GUP / New Photo
Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam
06. - 08.12.2019

group show "Auspuff"
curated by Johannes Schwartz
Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam
9th of May 2019

group show "UNCUT"
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Museumsplein 10
22. - 24.03.2017

artist residence supervised by
Hanne Hagenaars & Vincent Zedelius
het Vijfde Seizoen, den Dolder, NL
11.01. - 06.03.2017

Single Show "No Filter"
curated by Roberto Vitali
Levels Gallery, Berlin
15.09. - 01.10.2023

Der Greif collectivity issue 15
with Sarah Stone
guest edition online release

Group Show "Untitled"
by Art Spring Berlin & Milchhof e.V. 
Toscana Halle, Berlin
11. & 12.06.2022

group show "Urlaub"
with "visual wellness"
ECC Weißensee, Berlin
11.06. - 11.07.2021

guest artist / symposium
collaboration x Sandberg Instituut M.A.
Amsterdam, NL
10.05. - 14.05.2021

Certificate of artistic achievement
Luxembourg Art Prize 2020

Pinacothèque Luxembourg
signed 01.12.2020

shortlisted for the Rabo Bank
Photographic Portrait Talent Award
by the Dutch National Portrait Gallery
27th of November 2019

Group Show "Graduate" 2019
curated by Vincent Zedelius
Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam
03. - 07.06.2019

group show "machine vision"
curated by Joris Landmann
Amsterdam, NL
26. & 27.01.2018

group show "Collaborate"
Foam Museum Amsterdam
Keizersgracht 609
09. - 11.07.2017

single show "Ding's da!?"
curated by Tiff Isza (RIP)
Reinraum e.V. Düsseldorf
22. 31.07.2016

© Maxi Pfeil 2024

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